Zita the Spacegirl Cookies

Dec 9th, 2013 by Gemma

While we make sugar cookies regularly for the market we keep them pretty simple. These were the first truly custom cookies we’ve done.

Based off of the childrens’ graphic novel Zita the Spacegirl, about a young girl who’s best friend is abducted by an alien cult. Off she goes to save the day ending up as an intergalactic hero.

We found the pictures we wanted to use as our cookies and printed them out onto card. We turned the card into stencils and used them to cut out the cookie dough.

Once baked they were all decorated with royal icing.

We’re happy to say the birthday girl loved them.


  1. Anissa said:

    Those are amazing! I need to order some for my daughter who is a huge Zita fan!

  2. Skye said:

    Those are amazing! My son loves Zita, I’ll have to show these to him.