White Chocolate Raspberry Cupcakes

Feb 14th, 2011 by Gemma

AKA – Cutesey Valentines Cupcakes!

Of course we needed something cute and adorable to mark the day. These cupcakes have the bonus of being quick and easy to make too so you can whip some out for your sweet.

They started out life as just plain white chocolate cupcakes.. Obviously I needed something pink, strawberry seems to be traditional but I am a fan of raspberry. Raspberry buttercream was the plan but then I wanted some raspberry in the cake too, just to tie it together a little more. So a dollop of jam was put in the centre of the cake, adding some extra flavour and moistness.

Start by melting the white chocolate and butter together with a little water, over a double boiler. While that’s melting mix together the flour, sugar and salt.

Pour the chocolate into the flour and start to mix. Before it’s fully incorporated add in the sour cream and egg. It’s a rather loose, liquid batter so don’t be worried!

I half filled my cupcake liners, added a little bit of the jam and then finished filling them. They baked for about 20 minutes.

Once they were cool I made my buttercream and added a good amount of the jam to it for flavour. I would have preferred seedless jam but they didn’t hurt at all. I also added a drop of red food colouring just to give it a boost!

And they all got topped with heart sprinkles, because, why not!

I think in future I’ll let the cakes cook then cut out the core and put the jam in that way. Putting it in before baking led it to all sink to the bottom. They were super tasty though, they’ll definitely make an appearance in our kitchen again.


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