‘Tis The Season

Feb 16th, 2012 by Gemma

*** UPDATE*** – moving this post back up to the top for greater King Cake awareness. *grins*


It’s January again, Epiphany has passed and it’s King Cake, sorry, Mardi Gras season. *grins* Though I do tend to think if it more as King Cake season.

The end of the season – Mardi Gras day itself is early this year, coming along on February 21st. That still gives you 5 more weeks of eating king cakes though.

The past two years I have talked about the history of king cakes, and how to make them. This year I’m going to stick with just letting you know that we think we’ve gotten that recipe just about nailed and so we are selling them, to you.

We’ve been playing about with fillings now and we’re proud to say we have seven different flavours of king cakes to offer!

So, starting with the traditional filling, (cinnamon sugar) you can get a small (8-10 servings) for $10 or a medium (16-20 servings) for $20.

The filled king cakes are $12 for a small and $24 for a large and you have the choice of –
– Apple
– Cream Cheese
– Lemon Curd
– Pecan Praline
– Chocolate Hazelnut
– Berry

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re interested in trying one!


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