The Zombie

Nov 10th, 2008 by Michael

October found us with a commission from a friend back in New Orleans.  She requested a cake that was — and I quote — “icky, disgusting, gross and delicious… like the ones you used to have for your Halloween parties.”  How could we refuse flattery like that?

Why come to us, 500 miles away?  Because we are the best there is!  That, and she initially contacted our friends at Flour Power Confectionery back home, only to be told that they were booked solid.  After calling every specialty bakery between New Orleans and Austin, she found that none had the skill, nor the inclination to produce a realistic and disturbing horror cake.  Realism, perfection, and the opportunity to create a cake that could evoke a strong reaction on sight from a room full of guests is our bread and butter — generally we like an “ooooh!” or an “ahhhh!“, but an “eeeew!” will do just as well.

So, we set forth to bring to life The Zombie.

The Zombie is composed of four individual pieces, and made to full human scale.  The entire cake measured 4ft x 2ft.

The torso is the primary piece, and is constructed from “green velvet” cake, which is tender and moist with a dark mossy-green color.  The layers were filled with an English buttercream icing tinted the color of muscle tissue, and sprinkled with tropical flavored gummy bones.  Then hands are green krispie treats over an armature.  The head is a white chocolate “brain-pan” filled with a sweet, deep red sauce and covered with green krispie treats.  The teeth and eyes are white chocolate, as are the miscellaneous exposed bones on all pieces.  Everything is iced with the English buttercream and covered in fondant, then airbrushed and hand detailed.  The “dirt” is composed of a mixture of graham cracker, chocolate cookie and ginger snap crumbs.

This cake was meant to be interacted with before serving.  The hosts had first to dispatch this zombie, who was gradually digging himself free of his grave!  The most reliable way to do that is to destroy the brain.  A hammer was brought into play, and the head was smashed, shattering the chocolate brain-pan and allowing the blood-red sauce to flow out.  Guests — reluctantly at first, and then with great glee — took to smearing the top of their serving of cake with the sweet sauce.

Icky, disgusting, gross and delicious.”  Mission accomplished.


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