Thank You

Feb 13th, 2013 by Gemma

Ash Wednesday is here and the last few King Cakes are trickling out of the door leaving me with something to say…


Thank You.


Really, thank you. It has been a tremendous King Cake season, much better than I had hoped for way back at the start of the season. We tripled the number of cakes we made from last year, and I’ve spent the last two weeks wonderfully, crazily busy.

As a neophyte business we have no advertising budget, we’re doing well when we can treat ourselves to some new cookie cutters. Our advertising is you guys.

That means we did so well this Mardi Gras because you went out and told your friends about us, your neighbours, your colleagues. And for that we are grateful. We can only hope that we provide the best product and the best service we possibly can so you continue doing so.

As an aside, we would like it known that we have no objections to making King Cakes all year round; Easter is coming – we can make them pastel shades, UT game – burnt orange and white, Halloween – purple, black and orange. You name the colour scheme you want and we’ll be there!


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