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  1. Kathleen Coffman said:

    I’m in heaven! My love went to the market today and picked up some treats for me. I am enjoying them now! Honey marshmallows, and pumpkin carmels. I have never had a homemade marshmallow, now Im never going to be able to have any other kind ! Thank you for this deliciousness!

  2. ashey said:

    My little boy turned one on Aug 15th and we wanted a cute hungry caterpillar cake. My mom lives in Austin and was in contact with Gemma to see if she could put together something cute. I sent a picture of what I wanted and they nailed it! The cupcakes were the exact color I wanted, and they even used sprinkles for little hair spikes :) It was the cutest thing ever. It tasted amazing also! I had a few cupcakes left that I hid so no one would get them!
    Thanks for a great cake!!!

  3. Brittany Sachs said:

    My husband and I were referred to Curious Confections by my sister for our wedding and groom’s cakes. Gemma worked with me over the course of about a year and a half via email, as I was living across the country much of the time. We ended up choosing the Mad Hatter style cake decorated with our wedding colors, and a Yoda cake for the groom’s cake.

    I was extremely nervous because our wedding was in Katy, TX, and a friend brought the cake to us in her car. Gemma gave her extremely detailed (and printed) instructions, along with all the tools required for assembly. The cakes arrived in four pieces (three tiers and the groom’s!), perfectly safe. I was amazed at how beautiful they were! The craftsmanship and detail was astonishing. Everyone loved both of them, and we got a ridiculous number of compliments on the decisions.

    As far as taste, I did not get to have any cake myself (other than one tiny bite, which was delicious). It seemed,though, that nearly every person at the wedding let us know that the groom’s cake, which was red velvet, was just amazing. The cakes must have been wonderful, because my husband and I both missed out on having any red velvet, and very little was left of the wedding cake. I’ve never heard so many compliments to a cake, but both of our cakes were a huge hit!

  4. Darron G. said:

    Michael and Gemma … I wanted to thank you both for contributing to a memorable evening! I just wanted to share with you how the evening unfolded. First, everyone “ooed and ahhhed” when I opened the box to reveal your artwork and how great the cake looked encircled with fresh, red strawberries. I held up an 8″ x 10″ version of the picture I sent you of the windmill and all were very impressed with how accurate your rendition was … right down to the 3D shadowing and the missing blade! The green grass and yellow flowers were a great touch! My Mom teared up a bit as she commented on how beautiful it was. She kept saying “thank you” over and over again.

    Then when I cut into the cake and lifted out the perfect wedge (that was so rich and dense it stood upright on the flat of my blade) … all were smiles to see the 4 layers separated by your strawberry preserve/buttercream icing filling! If that weren’t enough, all were ecstatic when they took a bite. Some of the comments floated were:

    • OMG!!!
    • This is incredible!
    • Oh my … this is one of the best cakes I’ve ever eaten.
    • Whoa! There are actual chunks of strawberry in the filling between the layers!

    My brother, the baker/chef of our family, tried to “deconstruct” the cake to try to figure out how you made it “just so” to see if he can recreate it! But the funniest and most telling comment of all was from my other brother who doesn’t eat a lot of sweets, after he ate his piece, a second piece and the rest from kids who couldn’t finish theirs … he said “this is so good it’s worth getting sick over!”

    The Millionaire Shortbread was a huge success as well! I asked my family to first hold the box before I opened them so they could get a feel for how HEAVY they were. All really enjoyed them. A couple of my “well traveled” family members mentioned how European they tasted … not being overly sweet allowing all the flavors to be showcased and complement one another. I told them Gemma was from England and they said, “Ah, that would explain it!”

    Thank you and Gemma, again, for making a special day EVEN MORE special with your culinary creations! We used to get our family cakes from another business, but I see Curious Confections becoming our new favorite!

    From a happy customer,

    – Darron

  5. Dawn Davies said:

    I’ve been a customer of Curious Confections for several years now. Having been in the events industry I’ve seen and sampled a multitude of sweets and cakes in my life. Never have I seen more dedication and heart go into culinary creations as Michael and Gemma put into their product. Whats more is that these eye appealing desserts taste as amazing as they look.

    From my father’s 65th birthday Beatles Drum to every king cake I’ve ordered for the past 3 years; Curious Confections is a cut (pun totally intended) above the rest and they will continue to receive my business for years to come.

    Thank you CC!

  6. Jill Weglarz said:

    My boyfriend, Milton, is good friends with the Curious Confections pair. When he wanted to bring me something unusual and delicious the last time he came to visit, he went to them with a special request: Could they create something yummy and GRAPEFRUIT flavored? Yeah, I know–one doesn’t usually associate grapefruit with sweet baked goods. But the Grapefruit Bars that Gemma came up with were absolutely fantastic. Beautiful to the eye and sweet, yet possessing of that slight citrusy sourness that I so love about grapefruit. I’ve tasted other cakes and cookies they’ve created, and after the invention of my bars, I’m truly beginning to wonder if there’s anything they can’t bake!

  7. Savannah said:

    Michael and Gemma have made 2 birthday cakes for me through the years. Everyone loves how artistically beautiful and yummy they are.

  8. Denise Fuchs said:

    When my daughter graduated from LSU with a BFA in Art and Studio Photography, I really wanted a special cake for her graduation party. I welcomed Michael’s creative vision for the cake and we were not disappointed. It is the amazing old fashioned camera seen in the “Specialty Cakes gallery”, complete with an owl on the view finder because my daughter has a thing for owls. Not only was it amazing in design, it was delicious. That cake made it’s way from Austin all the way to New Orleans. If you are looking for something amazing, order something… anything from Michael and Gemma.

  9. Lisa said:

    Michael did my daughter’s first birthday cake. A frog princess. It was so beautiful that most people were afraid to eat it and it broke my heart to cut it. Even better, he made a traditional mini cake with chocolate icing for her to stick her face in. Both where beyond words! We were pleased as punch!

  10. Michael H said:

    My girlfriend (Aubrey) and I were looking for some delicious sweets, and knowing what Michael and Gemma were capable of with ribbon cookies decided we’d try something a bit different. Aubrey suggested lemon tartlets, one of her favorite desserts. Having not had them before, it sounded like a good idea.

    The tartlets didn’t disappoint. They were over the top and Aubrey had nothing but positive things to say about them. Some of the words of praise she shared with me were “Best. Tartlets. Ever”, “These are so freakin’ good” and “Mmmmhhhmmm.”

  11. Rhonda M. said:

    My Mom wanted a special cake for her 60th birthday to go along with the 60’s Hippie theme she had chosen. I’ve had several cakes made by Michael & Gemma for various occasions and have never been disappointed, so we decided to order from Curious Confections. Mom told them how many people it would need to feed and left the design up to them. The result was absolutely amazing.

    The base of the creation was a cake that was half chocolate and half vanilla. The base was inside a flower box with cookies crumbled to create dirt and small hand crafted flowers and some peace symbols coming out of the cake. At the middle of this was a stalk that went up about 2 feet high to create a giant sunflower at the center of the garden. The sunflower itself was a lemon chiffon cake with chocolate, and it spun in a circle as the light shone down on the petals making a cool shadow effect.

    The cake was absolutely beautiful and you almost hated to destroy it, because it was a work of art. Of course, the time came when we sang happy birthday and had to cut the cake, and although the cake had been visually amazing, you were able to enjoy it all over again because it was as pleasing to the taste buds as it had been to the eye and thoroughly delicious.

    Thank you both for helping to make my Mom’s day so very very special.

  12. Jamie L. said:

    Dear Michael & Gemma,

    On Friday my husband gave me one of your amazing birthday cakes. It was an adorable pink cupcake shaped cake with big, multi-colored fondant sprinkles and inside was yummy, minty, chocolate goodness. It was delicious! It could very well be the best birthday cake I’ve ever had. Better than my wedding cake. Thank you for adding such a special touch to a special day.

    Jamie L.

  13. Megan said:

    We didn’t want a traditional wedding cake, in fact we didn’t actually want cake!

    Instead Gemma created some beautiful unique creations. A giant jaffa cake, a HUGE slab of Turkish delight, chocolate covered brandy soaked cherries to decorate and the pièce de résistance was a giant Ferrero Rocher! It was divine!

    The “icing on the cake” was the topper which had mini-us in our wedding apparel and which we still keep safe. It’s a beautiful reminder of a wonderful day that we couldn’t have had with out Gemma and Michael.

    Thank you so much!

  14. Martin Whitmore said:

    I wanted something special to surprise a writer friend of mine on her birthday, so I brainstormed ideas with Michael & Gemma. After some discussion, we came up with the idea for the gorgeous Butterfly Book cake (one of the images in the header above). I couldn’t have been happier with the results, and neither could Angel! She nearly cried when she saw it, and we couldn’t believe it when we started cutting it up and actually got a taste. It was the most moist and delicious red velvet cake I’ve ever had! Fantastic job, guys – thanks for helping me make a friend’s birthday unforgettable!

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