Nov 30th, 2009 by Gemma

While studying as part of my coursework I had to design and make two showpieces, one in chocolate and one in sugar.

The one in chocolate had to be film or book themed so I went with Harry Potter. Using two big heavy tomes (titled from the series) as my base I then had the phoenix, Faulkes, rising from them. As a small additional detail I made a pair of Potter style glasses to sit on the corner. This utilised all three main flavours of chocolate (milk, dark and white) whilst also showing a combination of tempering work, and modelling chocolate.


The sugar showpiece was an abstract piece, demonstrating several techniques. Among them are pulled and blown sugar, net sugar (the backdrop) and straw sugar (the large pink piece). Sugar does not keep well in the Texan summer so it didn’t last too long sadly.



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