Mar 12th, 2010 by Gemma

Do you know what Sunday is? It’s March 14th.. Which on this side of the Atlantic is 3.14, otherwise known as the mathmatical term of Pi.. Yes, I’m a math geek. Did you notice, if you look at 3.14 in a mirror it even looks like it says pie!

So, to celebrate Pi day, I of course had to make some lollipops… Pie lollipops!

I had two different types of dough sat in the fridge, so I tried it out with both of them to see what worked best. I had a pie dough, flaky and buttery, and a tart dough, sweeter and richer, but also more delicate to handle.

Rolled out and cut into circles I chilled them while I prepared my fillings. First up a combination of chocolate chips, chopped pecans and raisins, I am all for using up pantry ingredients we have laying around. Then a strawberry jam and a raspberry jam.  I grew up with jam tarts and wondered how well that would transfer into a lollipop. Finally I made an apple pie filling, dicing the apples, sauté-ing them in some butter with some spices and sugar then finishing it off with a touch of brandy.

I popped a little bit of filling in the centre of half of my nicely chilled dough circles and added a lollipop stick to it. Eggwashing around the edge I pressed a second circle of dough on top and sealed it down. To help seal, and to also look good I crimped around the edge using another lollipop stick. Since this was an experiment, to test a concept, I scored the top of each pie with an initial to denote it’s filling.. We definitely need to come up with a better way than that, any suggestions?

The pies were eggwashed to help them gain a nice golden colour and then baked at 350F. They didn’t take long being so small.

For the most part they worked well, the pie dough tasted better than the tart dough with this utilisation, and the winning filling was definitely the apple. The jams didn’t work so well in an enclosed pie, and both erupted, looking a tad volcanic!


  1. Linda Nelsen said:

    These look wonderful. I had an aunt that made fruit empanadas that were just a little bit larger that your pi-pops. She used apples, peaches, whatever was in season, and added jam to the fruit to give body and blend. She didn’t fill it quite so full, thus it didn’t explode. She also added a splash of vinegar to the dough for elasticity. Keep up the good work….. wish I was there to sample.