Peppermint Shortbread

Dec 8th, 2010 by Gemma

Millionaires’ Shortbread is something that I never realised was a British thing, until I wanted to make some and nobody had any idea what I was talking about! It’s a thick layer of buttery, moist, melt in your mouth shortbread with a layer of caramel on top of it, finished with a thin layer of semisweet chocolate. I love it, and I realised I haven’t made it to show you here so I’ll have to make it again at some point.

This doesn’t have a fancy name like Millionaires’ shortbread, but it is a variation on the theme perfect for this time of year.

Can anyone explain to me why winter is the season of chocolate and peppermint? Don’t get me wrong, I love it. I love it so much I’ll happily eat it all  year round.. So why is it that it only makes a big appearance at this time of year?

Anyways, back to the point, yes, it’s a chocolate and peppermint shortbread. It’s the same as the Millionaires’ shortbread but with a layer of soft peppermint fondant in place of the caramel.

We start with the shortbread. As shortbread goes it’s not very sweet, but that’s fine as we want it to balance with the extreme sweetness that’s coming along soon. Cream the butter and sugar together then mix in the flour. It’s going to seem crumbly for a while but once all that flour is mixed it  squeeze it and you’ll see it come together and form the dough.

Put it into your nicely lined pan (9×13 in this case) and press down firmly, as flat as possible. Bake it until it’s just turning a light golden colour. Let it cool thoroughly.

Next comes the mint. This is actually my peppermint patty recipe just with more liquid added so it’s spreadable but holds it’s shape. It’s powdered sugar, a small amount of shortening, corn syrup, water and peppermint oil. If it’s your first time using peppermint oil be careful, it’s very potent. Mix it in a little at a time and taste. I like super, icy minty but not everyone does.

You’ll see in the photo that it looks like I have two layers of mint.. that would be because I do! I made what I thought would be enough but it gave such a thin layer you could see the shortbread through it. But I had to go and buy more mint oil before I could make more so the first layer became most thoroughly set. I think I may have made the second layer a little looser too.

I put that in the fridge for an hour or so to set up firm so it wouldn’t melt when encountering the chocolate.

I found about 8-10oz of chocolate is perfect for a 9×13″ tin, just enough for a thin layer, dark chocolate is best to complement the sweetness. I just went with semisweet though as not too many people around here share my love of super dark chocolate. You may need to add a touch of vegetable oil to alter the consistency depending on the brand of chocolate you use, I like my chocolate to spread out with a smooth top rather than the ridges from spreading. Your call!

Let the chocolate mostly set and cut into squares. If you let the chocolate completely set you run the risk of it cracking as you cut through. You want it soft enough to cut easily, but set enough that chocolate isn’t going to get everywhere!

I actually cut mine into 2″x3″ bars but the general consensus seems to be that people would like it to be a 2″ square. Some people found it too minty.

I’m keeping my bars stored in the fridge, mostly just because. It stops the chocolate from getting too soft since it’s untempered and it doesn’t seem to be affecting the mint or shortbread adversely.


  1. SteveINtheUKok said:

    Really needs that Fanny Cradock touch of the bright green food colouring in the pepperming :-)

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