Nut, Fruit and Seed Bar

Jun 24th, 2013 by Gemma

In the search for not-too-bad for us snacks I looked at making my own granola bars. I wanted something that would give us a nice boost during that mid-meal lull and keep us going, but that also wouldn’t be too bad calorie and nutritious content wise.

I searched and searched and ended up using this recipe as my base.

I tinkered a lot to make it precisely how I want it and feel confident that I have a good base bar now.

It contains almonds, walnuts and cashews but I’m looking forward to playing about with different nuts. I’m thinking an all peanut iteration will be nice to try.

This time round it just has raisins but I have plans for dried cranberries and also a version with mixed dried berries. As I’m writing this an apple cinnamon version comes into my head and sounds delicious too!

I’m thinking the flax and chia will remain in all versions for a healthy boost, along with using honey as the binder.

What other combinations sound good to you?


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