Millionaire’s Shortbread

Jan 19th, 2011 by Gemma

Back in December I made peppermint shortbread, it’s a variant on Millionaire’s shortbread. I felt certain I had already waxed lyrical about the wonders of millionaire’s shortbread but when I went to look for it I found that I had not. How could this be, it had to be remedied… a month later.

I can find no history on this shortbread, some people say it’s English, others Scottish, not that big of a difference unless you’re English, or Scottish! I’ve always been told the name is because of how rich and decadent it is, but who really knows!

I won’t go through how to make the shortbread layer again, I’ll just direct you back here. It’s that or copy it word for word *grins*

Then comes the caramel layer. Butter, sugar and wondrousness that is golden syrup is put in a pan and melted, do not boil!

Mix together and add a can of condensed milk. Now you can boil it, for 7 minutes to be precise, while stirring. It should work fine, but if your cooker is a little more powerful it might go too far, in this case the butter will start to separate out from the rest of the mix. DO NOT PANIC! Just take it off the heat and a good whisk up, or a blitz with the immersion blender will set things right. Pour over the shortbread and spread out as level as you can (a few sharp taps of the pan on the counter helps as well). Put it into the fridge and leave for at least an hour to set.

Next comes the chocolate, I found about 8-10oz of chocolate is perfect for a 9×13″ tin, just enough for a thin layer. I went with semisweet since it seems to be the public favourite but bittersweet would work well too. You may need to add a touch of vegetable oil to alter the consistency depending on the brand of chocolate you use, you want it to flow freely, take care though, too much oil and it won’t set properly.

Let the chocolate mostly set and cut into squares. If you let the chocolate completely set you run the risk of it cracking as you cut through. You want it soft enough to cut easily, but set enough that chocolate isn’t going to get everywhere! If you leave it in the fridge and forget about it a hot knife will cut through it just fine. Two inches square seemed to be the perfect size, filling and sweet enough but not too much. They’ll store in the fridge or at room temperature, in an airtight container, put parchment between layers so you can stack them without them sticking to each other.

I definitely prefer these to the peppermint ones however much I love strong minty flavours!


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