Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes

Mar 9th, 2012 by Gemma

St Patrick’s Day is next week (17th) and time is running short to get your goodies for the celebrations. We’ve been experimenting and we’ve very happy to be able to offer these Irish Car Bomb cupcakes.

Now, my idea of fun is not a drink that has to be downed before it curdles, no thank you very much! However, the three components of a car bomb are all delicious and work very well together when they’re not all liquid and curdling.

So, with some tinkering we have a Guinness cupcake, it has some chocolate in it too for a smoother flavour. That cupcake is then filled with a whiskey ganache. Topped off with a Baileys buttercream we have heaven in a cupcake!

There is no hiding the fact, you want to keep the children away from these beauties. Not that I think they’ll be hanging around long enough for that to be a problem *grins*

We’ll be selling these this week for St Paddy’s (and afterwards too) at $26 per dozen, just call (512-465-2879) or email us ( to place an order.

If these aren’t quite to your fancy how about some Irish Cream Cupcakes (at $24 for a dozen).


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