Halloween Cookies

Nov 3rd, 2010 by Gemma

Yes, we’re still with the Halloween goodies, get used to it, we’ve got at least another week of Halloween themed treats. I know, I know, any good blogger would have planned ahead and made them before the holidays so they could go up early and provide you lovely readers with inspiration.. Well, I never said I was a good blogger, or at the very least an organised one *grins*

I made all these treats for Halloween and as such they’re going up now! Today’s treats are some Halloween cookies. I got so distracted by all the baking that I forgot to take many photos so I’m cramming two types of cookie into one post.. That, and to save you from putting up with Halloween for any longer than you have to.

First up, gingerbread. As I expressed a couple weeks ago with the gingerbread cake, I like my gingerbread rich and dark and full of spice. This is a recipe I adapted a while back, it appeared in it’s original form in the BBC Good Food magazine. Since it’s for a house it holds it’s shape very well, and for cookies you don’t need to bake it out as dry as you do for a house. I like them nice and soft in the centre.

I completely failed to take photos of the dough being made, so you can see them as they come out the oven. They’ll be just firm to the touch and will have changed colourĀ  evenly across the surface (darker in the centre means raw dough). I went with a skull, a tombstone and a pumpkin.

Back in the summer when I did the lemon sugar cookies I used a technique known as flooding to decorate them. These were a little simpler. Because all the designs had a single base colour I spread that on (in royal icing) with an offset palette knife (white for skulls, grey for stones, orange for pumpkins). It can get a little uneven, but if you’re careful you can get a nice smooth edge.

Once they’re dry to touch you can add the detail work.. Whatever you want! For the skulls I used black to outline some eyes, noses and mouths. For the stones I added some black inscriptions and came back with the green to do some grass and vines creeping over the graves. The pumpkins got red faces (I ran out of yellow, they have red lights inside them!) and then a green stem and vines.

Be creative, have fun!

The second cookie made for Halloween takes up back to the lemon sugar cookies. Using that dough, which we know is nice and firm and keeps its shape, we made witches fingers.

The dough was made, and then me being me, split into one ounce portions. Roll the dough into a sausage shape.

As you’re rolling form the knuckles. You want very defined, knobbly knuckles, swollen and arthritic! This took some effort and practice, the first few looked a little….. interesting!

Place onto a baking sheet and using a knife score the knuckles. Add a sliver of almond for a finger nail. I went for mostly whole slices of almond, but the occasional broken one was used as it looked like a ragged or torn nail.

Chill them! I can’t stress this enough. I thought half an hour would do the trick and it really didn’t. Rolling these out will warm the butter up more than you realise (especially if you have warm hands like me). After 30 minutes in the fridge my fingers still spread out and attached to each other when they were baked. Less like long, spindly witches fingers, more like stubby, chubby ghoul fingers!

Still tasted good though!


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