Fruit Cobblers

Jun 2nd, 2010 by Gemma

Another variant in the pie/crumble family, the cobbler is a dish filled with usually fruit in this country, but in the UK it can be filled with meat. Then topped with biscuit (or scone) dough.

There are, as with everything, disagreements over the name. Some believe it to be derived from “cobbling” something together – throwing it together, the American Heritage Dictionary suggest it means “mender” in the way that the dough is patched together on the top. The final, and my favourite, is that it stems from cobbled streets, the way the top of it looks when dotted with scones or biscuits.

These cobblers were made in individual dishes rather than a large tray, so they’re more of individual cobbles than a full cobblestone street!

First, make your filling. I made three and all of them are really simple. I even used frozen fruit to make it easier. Take your fruit of choice, throw it in a pan with some sugar, and maybe a pinch of salt. Let it stew and simmer until the fruit is cooked and tasting delicious. You can add any spices you like, you may need to add some cornstarch to thicken the juices up. Pour into the dish(es) you’re going to use then make the topping. In this instance I made strawberry rhubarb, peach, and apple blackberry.

I actually use a different recipe than my biscuit and scone recipes… though I could probably make some delicious biscuits with it.. I might have to try that now. Anyway, I like to roll it out, about half an inch thick for the little dishes seems good, but whatever you prefer, and then cut out circles. This goes for single portions or a large tray. The single portion dishes will get one disc of dough each, but I like the look, on large dishes, of having discs of dough lined up on top. How else is it going to resemble cobblestones!

Egg wash the top of the dough and bake, about 30 minutes seemed good for the small ones. Until lightly golden. Best eaten hot, though what they really needed was some custard or ice cream!


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