Friday Round Up

Jan 14th, 2011 by Gemma

It’s finally cold down here in Texas so we liked the list of Cosy kitchen accessories. I really love the look of the Buddha bowl, I think I need it for my tea.

On the subject of drink receptacles, these are glasses made from jello. They’re actually made from agar agar rather than gelatin so they’re vegan, it will also make them more resilient to heat than gelatin is. I’d be interested in seeing how they felt to hold.

Onto kitchen tools, a video on how to open pomegranates, something that’s not always easy.

And did you know the microplane (which I wouldn’t be without for zesting, I lust after their box grater) was never intended as a kitchen tool? It was designed to be used by woodworkers.

On the alcohol front Moonshine is making a comeback! Lets hope it doesn’t turn you blind now! Epicurious suggests some beer based cocktails.

Is your barista wearing a hat when they make your morning coffee? They’re getting in trouble in New York for not doing so, though there’s some arguments, cooks have to wear hats when handling food and drinks, but waiters and bar staff don’t. You would think baristas would come under the same heading as bar tenders.

For the local folks, Swappers have come to Austin. Their FB page gives all the details and Stetted gives a nice write up on their first event. Turn up with something you’ve made too much of (cookies, preserves, bread), socialise and then barter and swap away! I’m tempted to give them a try, it sounds fun!


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