Friday Round Up

Jan 7th, 2011 by Gemma

It’s been a while, but we’re back with the round up.. By the end of last year we were getting a little shaky with getting round to posting on Fridays, I’m hoping we can do better this year.

It’s marginally out of season, but I just had to post this link. Let It Dough, entertaining and well designed.

I’m possibly reading this as slightly more tongue in cheek than it is intended. It’s a fair point, we all ought to be more aware of what we’re putting inside ourself (*dirty giggle*), though if you really need a flowchart to tell you that something is probably dog food I think you’re beyond help!

The newest wireless breakthrough may well help you out in the kitchen, with wirelessly heating a cup of soup! Yes, that’s right, just put the container down on the eCoupled counter top (dare I ask how much that would even be?), pull the tab and press low, medium or high! Apparently the counter can also be used to pull up the nutritional information of a box sat upon it.. though why you can’t just pick up the box and look at it is a little beyond me!

Baked By Melissa has a fun cupcake customiser. Now, I’m not going to go ordering 300 cupcakes (I’ll make them myself!) but it is fun to play around with the combinations and see what you can come up with.

I don’t eat foie gras, but not for ethical reasons, purely because cold liver squicks me out, I like my live warm and smothered with bacon and gravy and mushrooms! I found this article to be very well written and informative, balanced and well thought out. Of course, as with farming any animal, this doesn’t mean that >all< foie gras farms are ethical, but maybe it will show that they can be and perhaps helpĀ  us to regulate them fairly.


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