Friday Round Up

Oct 1st, 2010 by Gemma

It may be October, but it’s still a good time for ice cream. CNN has an article on this point along with two delicious recipes for a pumpkin ice cream and vanilla ice cream.

Spam spam spam spam spammity spaaaaaam! Why is this food still so popular? It can’t all my Monty Python’s fault!

Chiquita had a sticker competition. Some of the winners are pretty cool, can’t wait to see them out and about on the bananas.

An Australian advert is comparing giving children fast food to giving them heroin.. Shocking, but will it get the point across?

Autumn is here, and along with lots of apples that need using up, that also means Halloween is almost here. Monster cereals are back on the shelf, for a limited time.

Ever considered the 5 second rule.. ever stopped to think about it? Why do people think food is still good if it’s less than 5 seconds?

Oktober fest is here, Austin Chronicle lets you know what’s going on in the area. The end of October also sees Austin Beer Week, plenty of events and tastings going on there.

And to end the week, a couple of videos…

Death Buy Lemonade from Cartoon Brew TV on Vimeo.


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