Friday Round Up

Sep 17th, 2010 by Gemma

Everyone’s heard of recycling crayons, Zeebree on Etsy has taken it to cooler new heights by forming them into cupcakes and selling them in bakers boxes.

Do you call them cokes, pop, sodas or something else entirely. Someone with far too much time on their hands put together a map of the US by what they’re called. I call them fizzy drinks which isn’t even on the list.

Food 2 provides a guide to Oktoberfest sausages. I have to say, the best bratwurst I’ve had was actually from Best Wurst here in Austin, though I had some damn fine sausages in Austria, I have no clue what half of them were though!

There’s been such a huge fuss about it, do they really think changing the name to corn sugar will improve it’s reputation?

Haydel’s bakery in New Orleans is going to attempt to break the world record for the largest king cake this week. In my opinion it seems a bit of a cheat since it’s going to be baked in 2 foot segments and pieced together “seamlessly” I feel it should be all one piece, but that does rather limit how big you can go.

Austin Food Lovers Companion provides the most comprehensive list of foodie things happening around town. If you’re not following her already you really should be!


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