Friday Round Up

Sep 10th, 2010 by Gemma

We have an extra long round up this week to make up for missing last week (though it means some of my “news” is a week out of date), are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin…

In a collection of entertaining food items, we’ll start off with the Stay Puft marshamllow. Remember – from Ghostbusters. Think Geek has started selling them, they’re even licensed collectables (or the box is at any rate, not sure you would want to keep the marshmallows hanging around. And best of all, they’re caffeinated!

Next up, edible ice guns… fun, quirky and a little disturbing.. I think I’d like the black currant or liquorice flavour.

Ever complain that your cereal didn’t contain enough marshmallows? Now a company is selling bags of just the cereal marshmallows.. To be honest, the marshmallows were my least favourite part of the cereal, they had an odd texture. Or so I thought when I was younger, maybe they’ve changed since then, it has been a while.

Finally, on the quirky food front, we have cupcake push-pops. They look pretty cool, another gimmick like cake balls, but if it sells don’t knock it! I’d like to give them a try to see what they taste like.

I discovered a new site this week. A new site that is going to take all of my money. Spice Hound have a wonderful collection of whole (and some ground) spices and salts along with some ready made blends and accessories. I don’t know what I would use it all for, but I want it!

I actually got two articles off of the Guardian this week (yes, I do occasionally still read English papers), one on the British obsession with crisps (potato chips), something I heartily agree with, and do miss on occasion. And one on the best brownies. I have not made the recipe on the bottom there, I can’t tell you how good or bad it is… but it looks good! Suddenly, I have the urge to try that recipe out!

Gourmet magazine is back, with three special edition publications… By the looks of it they’re recycling old recipes, but it is going to be ad free apparently.

Who knew mushroom hunting was so dangerous? 18 people died in Italy over the course of 10 days picking mushrooms.. Not from eating the wrong mushroom but from city dwellers going out into unfamiliar terrain and falling down crevasses and gorges.

In some research Time Magazine did, apparently drinkers out live non drinkers… I’d really like to see the paper get peer reviewed (since I can find nothing that says it is), maybe make it a little more credible. But it is interesting.

Flaming water! No, really, water that catches on fire! A process called fracking is causing some water to come out of the taps with flammable gases dissolved in them. “I knew it [the water] went bad because we could light it,”

Bad weather and producers hoarding their stocks may see the price of coffee rise even further. It has gone up 44% already since June.

Ever wanted to own your own restaurant. A blog created from an insiders perspective of the food industry gives a few tips to make sure you’re cut out for the job.

Austin restaurant week is coming up this month, take advantage of the opportunity to dine at some of the finest restaurants around town with their 3 course pre-fixe menus created specially for the occasion. I would recommend booking in advance.

I saw this video this week, it seemed the perfect way to end the round up..


  1. Brooke@foodwoolf said:

    Thanks for the mention! What a fascinating round up. An all marshmallow cereal????Curious idea that seems only right after a long night of carousing. :) Thank you for reading and spreading the good words.