Friday Round Up

Jul 9th, 2010 by Gemma

Can pizza be healthy, is it part of a balanced diet. One man answers all our questions by going on a 30 day pizza only diet.

Southern California seems the return of the milkman.. Finally looking like the milkman jokes will make sense again *grins*

That amazing British ingredient, Lyles Golden Syrup, has undergone a takeover.. Either we’ll see it more commonly on American shelves now or people with no idea of the British tradition will change it and ruin it completely. The author asks if there’s still a place for syrup in the kitchen and I say most definitely yes! It provides a distinctive flavour that no other ingredient can replicate.

The psychology of what men and women eat. Why do women prefer chocolate, and men steaks.. ever wondered?

Got a thing for kitchen gadgets? Ever tried some of these?

Have a great weekend folks!


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