Do you have a storefront, can I come by and pick up a cake?
We work out of our home, everything is custom made to order.

We can however be found every Saturday at the SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown in Republic Square Park at 4th and Guadalupe from 9am til 1pm, and Sunday at HOPE Farmer’s Market in Plaza Saltillo on East 5th and Comal from 11am til 3pm come rain or shine — we won’t have large cakes but we will have plenty of other baked goods and confections for your delectation.

Is that legal?
Yes! On September 1st 2011, the Texas Cottage Food Law went into effect and in 2013 it was updated allowing the sale of home baked goods, with a few restrictions.

  • Home based bakeries cannot conduct the sale over the internet. We can arrange an order over email, but we cannot accept payment online.
  • No potentially hazardous foods are allowed. If it needs to stay in the refrigerator to prevent spoiling then sorry, but we can’t help you.

So I can pick up the order from your house?

Yes. When you place your order we can arrange an appointment window for you to pick it up.

I’m running late for my appointment, what can I do?
When we make an appointment window we endeavor to arrange a time that is convenient for everyone.

We do understand that life sometimes gets in the way of things. If it looks like you’re running late we’d appreciate a phone call ahead of time so we can reschedule.

Where are you located?
We’re in South Austin, in the William Cannon/Manchaca area.

Do you ship?
As a Cottage Food Business we cannot ship any of our products.

Do you deliver?
We will happily deliver for you, fee is determined by mileage.

How much notice do you need for an order?
As much as possible!

For specialty cakes a minimum of two weeks is required. Everything else requires one week. We may be able to complete an order for you with less notice, depending on how booked we are, but you may be subject to a rush fee.

Because we only do custom orders, every order is planned for, and shopped for individually. Your cake is treated as if it is the most important cake we will ever make.

How do I pay?
We can take payment as cash, check or credit card. Large orders may require a deposit.

Do you do consultations and tastings?
We are happy to schedule a consultation for your specialty cake of 100 servings or more. You will receive tasting samples of up to 4 of our cake flavours, and 4 fillings for a maximum of four people. We will also take this time to discuss design and any other questions you might have. We do charge $25, but this fee is put towards the cost of your order.

How do I order?
Just send us an email at info@curiousconfections.com, or call us at 512-465-2879. We’ll be happy to confirm availability.