Easter Bunnies and Chicks

Mar 22nd, 2013 by Gemma

Browsing through the King Arthur Flour catalogue I saw their rabbit cookie cutters. it got Michael and I talking and we came up with covering the rabbit cookie in chocolate so it looked like the chocolate rabbits you can buy (specifically the Lindt ones with the ribbons round their necks).

I had just had a splurge on cookie cutters and rabbits were not among them, so I filed the idea away for next year maybe. But then when I was rummaging through the cutters (I really need to organise them!) to find the St Patrick’s Day cutters down there buried in the bottom was a rabbit and a chick cutter. Probably the exact same cutters I had seen in the catalogue.

Cookies had to be made. Ideas had to be tested.

I decided to do some “standard” cookies first, using royal icing for the details.


Then I started drowning the bunnies in chocolate.. It was fun *grins*

I used a touch of royal icing to give them a bow around their necks.

What preparations are you making for Easter?


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