Dog Bones

Jun 7th, 2010 by Gemma

We love our furry friends as much as we love our friends. So when baking we had to include some treats for the pups in the gang. We’ve experimented with several recipes now and have a few that are huge hits.

The first ones are our Bacon Bones, because everyone loves bacon! These went down a storm.. do you know a dog that doesn’t gobble up any bacon put in front of them? And so that pups on restricted diets can enjoy the bacony goodness too, we developed a gluten free variety too. They contain potato flakes and tapioca starch. We cook the bacon in the oven so the fat renders out slowly, then the bacon is crumbled and the fat is used as a binding agent.

Our other most popular bones are the Brew Bones. Made with the grains we get from our home brewed beers we add some peanut butter and flour. The grains have to be processed to make them easier to cut, though the bones still look fibrous.

We pride ourselves on the fact that we don’t give the pups anything we wouldn’t eat ourselves. All the ingredients are high quality, and where possible, natural. You could eat them yourselves if you felt so inclined *grins*

The doughs are mixed and then rolled out and cut, we have a selection of dog bone cutters, though the smallest seem to be the most popular, one bite treats.

Lined up on trays the bones are then stacked in the oven and baked out for a while. Then to make sure they’re completely dry we leave them in the oven overnight with just the pilot light. It makes them dry and crunchy, but it means there’s no moisture in them that will make them go off.. If they ever last long enough that is!


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