Devils Food Cupcakes

Jul 20th, 2011 by Gemma

It’s hotter than hell down here in Texas at the moment, making a devil’s food cake more than appropriate. Maybe I can bribe the heat with the cupcakes to go away and not return!

Sadly I can’t claim this recipe as my own, I made no changes (excepting making cupcakes rather than one big cake and that doesn’t really count). The honour of this wonderful recipe goes to Alton Brown.. not my favourite cooking personality, but occasionally he pulls out something good!

Whisk the boiling water and the cocoa powder together and set aside. I’ve been told this helps the flavour of the cocoa be more fuller.

Combine the sugar, flour, baking soda and salt. Then in a separate bowl combine the oil, sour cream, eggs and yolk, whisk in the cocoa mix (this won’t look too pleasant but it’s ok!).

Add all the liquids to the dry mix and beat until the batter is smooth. It is a very loose batter for a cake so don’t be surprised.

Bake at 325F until it springs back to the touch.

I didn’t however stick with Alton’s frosting for the Devil’s food cake, I much prefer my own fudge icing recipe. Butter is melted and  the cocoa is mixed in with it. Then powdered sugar and milk are added alternately and it is beaten to consistency.

I piped the icing onto the cupcakes, it becomes reasonable firm at room temperature so if you’ve done a single cake make the icing when the cake is cool and decorate immediately other wise you’re going to have to put it in the microwave for short bursts to soften it up.

I took these to work to share… they didn’t last long at all!



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