Cinnamon Bread

Mar 15th, 2010 by Gemma

A while back I tasted some of the most delightful bread, a cinnamon craisin bread, that toasted was the most delicious breakfast. Asking nicely for the recipe I was determined to remake it here in the CC kitchens. The original recipe was for a bread machine, so it’s taken a bit of tweaking to get it precisely how I want it, while making it by hand.

This week, I mastered it! I made the perfect loaf. And I have been enjoying eating it all up. For a sweet loaf it has a surprisingly small amount of sugar in there, 2 tablespoons to be exact, it does contain milk and butter though which helps the flavour a lot.

You can use any dried fruit really, I’ve been grooving on the craisins, both sweet and tart I find them the perfect accompaniment to the cinnamon. Once the dough has been made, and kneaded until your arms drop off, it’s placed in a greased bowl until it has doubled in size. For this loaf that took about an hour.

Turn it onto a floured surface and knock it down. Then form a log by pulling the two sides in and rolling it up tightly. Place it in a well greased loaf tin and press it flat, this means it’ll rise evenly and give you a loaf that’s a similar size all the way along rather than tall in the middle and short at the two ends.

Cover it with some greased cling wrap and leave it to proof until doubled in size, this took about another hour in a 70F kitchen. It will have risen well above the edge of the tin now.

In order to give the loaf it’s soft crust I started baking at 350F, just for 10 minutes to ‘set’ the loaf, then I turned it down to 300F to finish cooking it slow and low, stopping the crust from caramelising too much and becoming crunchy and crispy.

And there you have it, I dare you to not gobble it all up, it’s not even been a week and mine is all gone now. Eating it for breakfast, morning tea, afternoon snacks. Because once it’s made, the house smells so wonderful, just tempting you to have just one more slice!


  1. Woman with a Whisk said:

    Beautiful bread. I love the idea of switching it up with cranberries instead of raisins!