Christmas Is Coming.. With A Giveaway!

Nov 29th, 2013 by Gemma

Thanksgiving has come and gone and December is waiting to pounce upon us, that means our days are filled with the scent of peppermint, eggnog and gingerbread. We love it and especially love this cold weather we’ve been having, we hope it stays around for a while longer!

As you saw a sneak peek of on Tuesday, we’re bringing a host of new items along to HOPE Farmers Market to celebrate the season. We wanted to take some time and talk about each item so you can plan ahead *grins* and also tempt you with some photographs! PLUS! If you make it down past all the tempting photos there’ll be details of a Christmas giveaway we’re hosting, a little thank you for supporting us this year!

So, let’s start off with those little tarts you see at the top of this post. They’re mince pies. The name mince (or mincemeat) is misleading. While very early on they were a mix of meat, fruit and spices, as the years have passed they are now just fruit, sugar and spices. These in particular contain a touch of port and brandy (mostly cooked out) and, slightly less tradtionally, cranberries. I love the hint of tartness the cranberries give alongside the sugar and other fruits, with a hint of orange zest too.

Next up biscotti. While, yes, they are a little dry and crunchy thanks to being baked twice, that does not mean that they should have to taste stale (unlike the ones I find in packages at most coffee shops here). A buttery dough with white chocolate chips and dried cranberries they accompany tea or coffee beautifully and also make good presents!

On to the candies! Chocolate peppermint fudge. Really, what needs to be said, a slab of chocolate fudge with peppermint candy pieces pressed into the top. Delicious!

Everyone’s favourite – Peppermint Patties! A thick layer of peppermint, enrobed in dark chocolate. We’ll be selling these in packs of four to nibble on at your leisure.

To top it all off we’ll be selling s’mores kits. Everything you need for s’mores all in one box, right down to a tealight, matches and skewers. Our already popular vanilla marshmallows, now corn syrup free, with perfectly sized graham crackers – we know, we made them to measure. Squares of Ghiradelli chocolate finish them off. Whether for you or for presents we’ve taken the hard work out, you don’t even need a campfire.



Congratulations, you’ve made it, are you drooling yet?

We did promise a present if you made it this far, so here you go… a chance to win something sweet from us.

Start by following us on one of our social media sites – Facebook, Twitter or Instagram,

Then share a photo of you enjoying one of our goodies, be sure to tag us so we can see that you shared it, if we can’t see it we can’t count it!

A photo per item enjoyed, on each site, will count as one entry. For example, a photo of you enjoying our s’mores shared on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will count as three entries, but three photos of you eating the s’mores all on Facebook will count as one.

But wait! I hear you call.. Why do we want to go through all this effort? Well, here’s the best bit. We will put every entry into a hat and draw them at random.

FIRST PRIZE – a Buche de Noel all of your own, enough to serve approximately 25 people this will be the star of your Christmas dessert table.
SECOND PRIZE – a Christmas goodie box. A mix of cookies, candies and treats.
THIRD PRIZE – a s’mores kit. Since we already told you about this a few paragraphs up we’re going to assume you know what you’re getting here!

The not-so-small small print!

Open to residents of Austin and nearby areas only.
Names will be drawn the evening of December 20th. Only photos posted between the time of this post and the time of the drawing will be counted.
Prizes will be available for collecting at HOPE Market on December 22nd.
We may be able to deliver your prize if you can’t make it to the Market to pick it up. However a delivery fee may be incurred.

Happy Holidays!


  1. Gemma said:

    And lovely to meet you too, thank you for sending us the photo you took. I hope the treats went down well.

  2. Joan Anderson said:

    …a joy to meet you at Hope!