Chicken and Spinach Lasagne

Apr 20th, 2011 by Gemma

This was actually inspired by a former job of mine, family style lunches were the norm and one day one of the chefs made a tomato and spinach lasagne. Instead of the ragu you’ll find in usual lasagnes it was a tomato sauce, with a few veggies added, layered up with the usual pasta sheets and then spinach mixed with ricotta. This was a delicious meal, but something was missing.


And mushrooms!

I was determined to make my own version, and to make it better!

I started with the usual mirepoix of chopped onions and carrots (celery and/or leeks would be perfect here too if you have them). Once they’re softened add the garlic.

When the garlic is cooking add the chopped chicken to the pan and let it sear.

Deglaze with white wine, add the chopped tomatoes and mushrooms and top up with chicken stock. Let it simmer away for a while, as long as you can. If by this time the consistency isn’t quite right, add a cornstarch slurry. Taste and adjust seasonings as you like them.

Next up, the ricotta mix. Heat some oil in a pan and wilt the spinach… just throw it in the hot oil and cook until it’s all limp! Put into a strainer and press all the excess liquid out.

In a bowl mix the ricotta, other cheeses (I used a mix of mozzarella and parmesan) and some pepper with a pinch of salt (the cheese will be salty on it’s own so not too much). Add in the spinach and mix together.

Now, we can start assembling the lasagne. First a layer of the chicken tomato goodness, then pasta, then ricotta mix. Repeat as many times as you can fit into your dish. Finish with a layer of ricotta then finish with a covering of cheeses.

Bake at 350F until hot all the way through, and the pasta is done. About 30 minutes generally does the trick. Then enjoy, a nice salad or some crusty bread makes a good accompaniment.


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