Anise ChocolateCurious Confections LLC is the end product of the merger of completely different worlds, on so many levels. Two people, from distant sides of the planet met and joined their talents together to form a team that is unique, and possessing a slightly skewed outlook on the world of baked goods and confections. We’ve planted a flag in Austin, Texas… and the Lone Star State will never be the same.

Gemma is the culinary genius of the duo, bending recipes and technique to her will. She has passion, drive, an innate talent for baking, and an artist’s eye and creativity. Her English upbringing lends a sensibility for simple, quality ingredients, a wholesome delicious product, and a disdain for the trend toward over-sweetened/salted and over-worked preparations.

Michael is the “mad scientist” of the team, possessing a creative past that includes cinematic special effects, sculpting, fabrication, formal training in commercial/graphic arts, and an informal baking education learned at his mother’s knee (a fine Southern cook, and a master of her craft). He is responsible for creative confections borne of dreams and nightmares alike.

Together there is little we cannot produce; from the humblest loaf of bread, to a batch of cookies or cupcakes, through artisan chocolates and confections all the way up to elaborate wedding and sculpted cakes. We are perfectionists, and mad to get every detail just right. We love what we do, and that passion shows in everything that we make.

We are part of the Texas cottage food industry, and as such we do not have public storefront or maintain prepared stock for everyday purchase. This does, however, mean that everything we make is produced fresh and “to order” especially for you. We currently work our magic in South Austin, in the heart of central Texas. Additionally, we can be found every Saturday at the SFC Farmers’ Market Downtown in Republic Square Park at 4th and Guadalupe from 9am til 1pm, and Sunday at HOPE Farmer’s Market in Plaza Saltillo on East 5th and Comal from 11am til 3pm come rain or shine — come by and say hello, and sample our wares from a rotating menu of both staple and seasonal offerings.

Please feel free to contact us via phone or email for inquiries or a price quote. If you’re looking for something that isn’t on our menu, please don’t be shy about asking… we’ll do our very best to fulfill your wishes.

Why don’t you explore our gallery for more examples of our work.

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