A Short Hiatus

Jun 15th, 2015 by Gemma

Back when we announced that we were expecting I had every intention of baking and being at the markets right up until the very end. While I’ve been slowing things down a little as we get close to my due date this weekend showed me that I need to practice some more self-care than I have been.
As such I’m putting Curious on a temporary hiatus and starting my maternity leave now.
I’m sorry for the abruptness, I would have loved to continue for a couple weeks longer, or at least given you a bit more notice. We do however intend to be back up and at the markets sometime in August. It will most probably be with a drastically reduced menu as we get to grips with parenthood, but we can’t leave you without your sweet treats for too long!
Thank you for your understanding during this time, we look forward to introducing you to our newest family member.


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